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  1. Understanding your local health services 2015

    Your local NHS needs your feedback in order to understand how the services across the city are being used and where more work needs to be done. We want to ensure you are getting the right information about how to access local health services when you become unwell.

    The survey should take no more than 10 minutes of your time to answer. 

  2. Reminder about the flu vaccine

    Have you had the flu jab yet?

    The flu vaccination is offered free of charge to people who are at risk, pregnant women, carers and some young children to ensure that they are protected against catching flu and developing serious complications.

    Find out if you or your family are eligible for the free flu vaccine.

  3. A carer helping to water plants

    Carers Rights Day

    Carers Rights Day is organised each year by Carers UK, this year the awareness day is on Friday 20 November 2015 and is all about making carers aware of their rights, letting carers know where to get help and support and raising awareness of the needs of carers. 

  4. Self care week banner 2015

    Self Care Week

    Self Care Week 2015 takes place from 16 – 22 November 2015. It aims to help people take care of themselves, and lets them know what’s available to help them look after their health. The annual campaign is run by the Self Care Forum.


  5. Holding hands

    Talking about end of life: what matters most?

    Researchers at the University of Southampton are working with NHS partners on a project to develop a tool to help patients, their families and healthcare professionals talk about treatment decisions that have to be made when a person is seriously unwell and their health is at risk of deterioration.

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Joining up your care - Joan's Story

Watch Joan’s story to find out more about how joining up care will make things better for local people.  The Better Care Southampton project, led by Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Southampton City Council aims to join up health and social care services in the city as well as increasing involvement from the voluntary sector. With thanks to Gloucestershire CCG for their support in producing this animation.

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