Better Care Southampton

Joining up your care banner Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) want to improve the health and wellbeing of people in our city.

To achieve this, the two organisations, along with community and voluntary organisations and other partners are working on a programme to join up your care called Better Care Southampton. It involves developing joined-up services that put patients at the centre, taking a more holistic approach to care. The idea is to join up elements of health, social care and voluntary sector services to provide the care that you need. By putting the individual at the centre of our care planning, we believe we can provide better care for local people. There is a focus on prevention and early intervention, building on the role of individuals in their own health and wellbeing.

The Government has set aside £3.8 billion to fund the integration of health and social care throughout the country. This is not new money but money that was already allocated to be spent on health and social care. Spending the money in a more joined-up way will lead to more joined-up services for local people.

To find out more about how joining up health services can benefit local people watch Joan's Story.

Our local plan details how Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will achieve reconfiguration of health, social care, housing and other services into integrated teams based around GP practice populations (clusters) over the next five years. It shows how working with the voluntary sector and building strong supportive communities, patients and service users will benefit from easier access to information and have more control and support over their care.

The plan means that GPs will soon be sitting down with housing, social workers, community nurses and therapists to work as a team to discuss and understand the whole needs of people to help us recognise what is needed to keep them well and at home. Pooling knowledge and experience means we bring a more joined up and considered approach to care.

Integrated commissioning means that commissioners in the NHS and local authority develop shared vision, plans and budgets (where appropriate). It has the potential to increase efficiency reducing the large gaps that currently exist between health and social care planning and provision in many areas of the country.