Class 1: Who we are and what we do

How we fit into the NHS structure

The National Health Service (NHS) is a very large part of the public sector.  Further information can be accessed via the national NHS website: which explains the NHS structure and how the Clinical Commissioning Group fits into this.

Our Governing Body members and senior staff

Details of the CCG Governing Body, together with papers from their meetings can be found on the Governing body meetings pages.  The Governing Body takes decisions on policy and strategy, and delegates specific functions and responsibilities to its committees and executive directors. 

Organisational structure

Find out more about our team here.

Lists of and information relating to organisations with which the authority works in partnership

The CCG works with local hospitals, specialist health providers, GPs and other family health practitioners, local authorities, voluntary organisations and the community as a whole to make sure services are doing the right things and are being provided from the right place.  Please see our partners for more information:

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Comments, Complaints and Patient Experience

Freedom of Information