Our vision, mission and values

GP checking a patient's blood pressure Our vision, mission, and values underpin our five year strategy. These were developed in conjunction with patients, patient groups and networks, hospitals, commissioners and others, to reach a shared understanding of what we should be focused on as a CCG.

  1. Our vision -A Healthy Southampton for all

    We want to help develop strong and resilient communities throughout the city, made up of people who are supported to live fulfilling, independent and high quality lives.

    We know that fulfilling this vision is not within our direct control. However, by setting our ambitions out in the context of the whole system and entire city, we are reinforcing our commitment to playing a clear leadership role in steering forward the whole health and wellbeing agenda.

  2. Our values

    Our values reinforce our vision, drive our behaviour and determine what we do and the way we go about it.

    • Patients first, every time
    • Relentless about the quality of care
    • Respect for others and their dignity
    • Courage to do what we believe is right
    • Integrity – being honest and decent
  3. Our mission

    To ensure that care is coordinated, safe, sustainable and designed to meet the needs of the people of Southampton.

  4. Bringing it all together – our five goals

    Our five goals are to:

    1. Make care safer: We will commission care from safe competent providers. We will listen to local people, gather their feedback on their experiences of local services and act upon it.
    2. Make it fairer: We will reduce the inequalities in access to care across our population and work towards a fairer city.
    3. Improve productivity (improving outcomes for the money we spend): We will prepare the ground for a transformation in care, doing all we can to bring control to the healthcare system.
    4. Shift the balance: We will integrate health and care services to ensure a better, more streamlined experience for local people. Together with patients, communities and partners we will work to coordinate care through the Better Care Southampton programme.
    5. Delivering sustainable finances: We will plan strategically for sustainable finances ensuring that we are driven by quality whilst being pragmatic about our resources.
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