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When CCGs were established in 2013 the aim was to embed clinical expertise into commissioning health services. As such, our organisational and governance structures have been designed to ensure that we are a clinically-led organisation with family doctors and other medical leads at the heart of our decision making.

The main way of achieving this is through our Governing Body, which includes six local GPs, a secondary care doctor, two lay members, the Director of Public Health, our Chief Executive Officer and three Executive Directors (one of whom is the Chief Nurse). There are also representatives from Healthwatch Southampton and Southampton City Council.

Our Governing Body meetings are held in public and local people are welcome to attend.

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June Bridle - Lay Member (Governance)

June Bridle - Lay Member (Governance)

June Bridle has been a lay member of the CCG Governing Body (with an interest in governance) since the CCG was established. 

June was elected to represent the Sholing ward as a Southampton City Councillor in 1995 and retired in 2008. Her main interests were in health, education and planning and development. 

Whilst working with the Improvement and Development Agency she carried out numerous reviews of other councils throughout the country. She also worked as a reviewer with the Audit Commission inspecting councils in London. 

This work gave June a valuable insight into good governance, scrutiny and effective commissioning, and their impact on performance. 

June served as a non-executive director of Southampton Primary Care Trust from 2002 to 2006 and returned in 2008 to act as the Chair of the then-emerging provider, which has now become Solent NHS Trust.

June was appointed the Conflicts of Interest Guardian for the CCG in 2016. 

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