Better Care Southampton

A carer and member of a community art group Your local NHS and Southampton City Council are working together to transform the way health and social care is delivered in our city. This new way of working is called Better Care Southampton because that’s what we’re aiming for, better care for local people. To do this we are linking up health, social care and community and voluntary organisations to make sure we work together with you to create a strong and healthy city.

Since the launch of Better Care Southampton in 2015 we have been making significant progress in joining up care across Southampton. This work is transformation on a major scale and will see a shift in emphasis to holistic ‘person centred’ care, prioritising early intervention, maintaining independence and harnessing and co-ordinating community and voluntary sector services.

The first area of focus for Better Care Southampton has been on joining up care for older people in the city, you can find out more about the support now available on our website

To find out more about how joined up health and care services can benefit local people watch Joan's Story. You can also read our Southampton Better Care Plan 2017 - 2019 for more detailed information abour our plans and next steps and contact us if you have any queries.