Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE)

Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) logo The Care and Health Information Exchange (CHIE) is a secure system which shares health and social care information from GP surgeries, hospitals, community and mental health, social services and others. CHIE helps professionals across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas provide safer and faster treatment for you and your family by:

  • Ensuring that you only have to tell your story once.
  • Reducing delays to your treatment. For example, by reducing the need to repeat blood tests
  • Making sure the doctors, nurses and others involved in your care know about your medical history
  • Identifying diseases that you might be at increased risk of developing in the future. This can help you take action early to protect your health

CHIE contains health and social care information from over 180 GP surgeries in and around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, as well as local hospitals, community health, mental health and social care teams in order to help coordinate and improve your care.

CHIE shows the medication you are currently taking, your allergies, test results and other important medical and care information. Health and care staff can see this information if they need to know about your previous history.

Your information also helps to improve treatment for future patients. We do this by assisting in legitimate research programmes and in helping the NHS and social care systems understand what new services might be needed to help care for you and your family. Importantly, the people who do this research cannot find out your name or address from the information and cannot identify you.

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