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Name Size/Type Description Date
Are you a carer in Southampton? Information leaflet 85KB PDF This leaflet is designed to explain why it is important to tell us you are a carer and how we can help when we have this information. 07 Feb 2017
Community Dementia Partnerships in Southampton 300KB PDF Details of Community Dementia Partnerships in Southampton. 15 Jul 2016
Eye advice - conjunctivitis factsheet 68KB PDF Conjunctivitis is usually an infection or inflammation of the outer layer of the eye (or the conjunctiva). 15 Aug 2016
Eye advice - corneal abrasion factsheet 66KB PDF A corneal abrasion is a scratch or a graze on the clear front surface of the eye (or the cornea). It is usually caused by a finger nail or another object catching the eye. 15 Aug 2016
Eye advice - dry eyes factsheet 67KB PDF Without enough tears, small patches on the front window of your eye (the cornea) can dry out. 15 Aug 2016
Eye advice - red eyelid lump (chalazion) 67KB PDF A red lump on your upper or lower eyelid is usually a cyst-like swelling called a chalazion. 15 Aug 2016
Eye advice - subconjunctival haemorrhage 66KB PDF A subconjunctival haemorrhage is a small bleed (similar to a bruise) from one of the minor blood vessels on the surface of the eye. 18 Aug 2016
List of contacts for end of life and bereavement support 298KB PDF A list of local and national support services that provide end of life and bereavement support. 30 Jul 2019
List of pharmacies in Southampton 223KB PDF Details of pharmacies in Southampton and the services they offer. 19 Jul 2019
Patient Experience Service Easy Read Information Leaflet 1522KB PDF An Easy Read version of our Patient Experience Service Information Leaflet. 12 Jun 2015
Patient Experience Service Information Leaflet 1261KB PDF An information leaflet about our Patient Experience Service. 02 Jan 2019
Pharmacies open in Southampton on bank holiday Monday 26 August 2019 154KB PDF Details of pharmacies open in Southampton on bank holiday Monday 26 August 2019 22 Aug 2019
Southampton health services leaflet - January 2019 217KB PDF This leaflet gives an overview of the health services available in Southampton to help your family stay well. 20 Feb 2019