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Name Size/Type Description Date
B0002_2014_Infertility review SHIP8 15Aug14 Final.pdf 874KB PDF 29 Nov 2017
Better Care Fund workshop - Building Capacity 409KB PDF A presentation from one of the Better Care Fund workshops titled Building Capacity 02 Jan 2015
Better Care Fund workshop - Rehabilitation and Reablement 341KB PDF A presentation from one of the Better Care Fund workshops titled Rehabilitation and Reablement 02 Jan 2015
Better Care Southampton information leaflet 1917KB PDF Better Care Southampton - what’s in it for me as an older person? 05 Jan 2017
Better Care Southampton Joining up your care 273KB PDF A summary of Better Care Southampton - March 2014 02 Jan 2015
Biographies of our panel members 285KB PDF Biographies of the panel members at the Health Conference 02 Jan 2015
Boehringer Ingelheim redacted contract.pdf 409KB PDF 22 Sep 2015
Botulinum_Toxin-_list_of_agreed_indications_Revision_Sept_2013.pdf 83KB PDF 22 Sep 2015

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