Get involved

Dr Mark Kelsey and Will Rosie from local group Consult and Challenge

We are fully committed to involving and engaging you in every aspect of what we do and we want you to play your part in decisions about local healthcare.

Our focus is very much on finding the right solutions for Southampton and our Governing Body is led by six local GPs who really know the city well.

One of the key ways you can help is to tell us about your experiences of using local health services – what went well, what didn't go so well or where you think improvements could be made. Often it is those people using the services who are best placed to identify where and how improvements could be made – so your feedback may make things better for you, and others, in the long run.

Support for our staff with public and patient involvement

We are committed to supporting our staff to engage with our local population.  The commissioners who attend and present to our patient group meetings to gather feedback receive this handout  'advice to commissioners' in advance to help them prepare.  We also have a skilled engagement team who share their expertise with other staff throughout a project.

There are many ways to get involved:

  1. Join one of our groups - including our communications and engagement group, patients forum and equality and diversity group.
  2. Join our members network - by becoming a member you will receive regular newsletters and information about consultation and engagement events.
  3. Join your GP practice's patient group.
  4. Get involved with Healthwatch Southampton.
  5. Make a comment, give us a compliment, or tell us how we can do things better by contacting our Patient Experience Team.
  6. Follow us and get in touch on Twitter and Facebook
  7. Attend our Board Meetings held in public - follow the link for the next meeting date.
  8. Join the People's Panel and help shape decision making in Southampton - this is a joint project with Southampton City Council and we have also been working with the University of Southampton. 

We use the following sources to gain feedback from you about local services:

  • Formal consultations
  • Events
  • Healthwatch Southampton
  • Our comprehensive community engagement programme around the city
  • Patient stories
  • Social media
  • Patient experience service
  • Feedback from our patient groups

Using the information sources above, we look into trends, learning, actions to take and improvements required.

Patient experience and insight – holding providers to account

A doctor and a patient looking at information in a leaflet

The CCG regularly reviews patient feedback on the quality of services provided by commissioned providers through monthly Clinical Quality Review Meetings (CQRM). These are attended by representatives from our providers and the CCG’s quality leads. At the meetings providers share information about their services, so we can understand if they are meeting the needs of the people in the city. In addition we undertake visits to services and attend internal meetings run by the providers to review the quality of services.

The comments we receive about providers from local people, through our Patient Experience team, are monitored at our Clinical Governance Committee meeting held every month.

This offers the CCG opportunities to discuss the detail, identify any trends and assure itself that the experience of its patients – both positive and negative – is being used to drive quality improvements across the healthcare system.

In addition our providers share with us their Patient Experience feedback reports and the results from their surveys, including the Friends and Family Tests.