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A group discussion We run and are involved in a number of groups locally, giving people in Southampton many different ways of getting involved with our work and shaping local health services.

Find out more below and if you would like any more information or to join any of these groups, please get in touch with our Communications Team.

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The People’s Panel

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Join the People’s Panel and help shape decision making in Southampton.

Becoming part of the People’s Panel is an easy way to get involved in giving your opinions to inform decisions about local services and issues. It will enable you to influence how services are delivered, highlight issues you feel need to be reviewed, and help you shape public services for your community.

The People's Panel is a joint project with Southampton City Council and together we have been working with the University of Southampton who have provided support with some of the social science and technological aspects of the project.

We are looking for Southampton residents aged 18 years and over to join. No special experience or expertise is needed. We want a diverse panel which reflects the people of Southampton with people from all walks of life represented, the only requirement is your interest in contributing your views.

To join fill in the sign up survey.

More information

What is a People’s Panel?
The People’s Panel is a group of residents who are interested in taking part in consultations and other opportunities to express their views on council services, health services and living in the city. The results of which will be used to inform future decisions and services. We will also track resident’s views over time to see how changes in the city affect their opinions and experience of the city. Members of the People’s Panel could be asked to take part in various forms of activity including surveys, quick polls, interviews and workshops.

How much time will I need to commit? 
It’s up to you. There will be opportunities to take part in bi-weekly online polls, brief surveys (taking no more than 10 minutes to complete), larger surveys a year (taking no longer than 30 minutes each), interviews, focus groups or workshops (we will state the expected time commitment when advertised).

What do you need to know about me and why? 
To ensure our research is fair and reach the right residents all panel members will must complete a survey when they sign up consisting of compulsory demographic questions such as age, gender, and postcode. Other more sensitive information such as ethnicity or disability/illness will not be compulsory but if not provided may limit the number of panel activities you could be asked to participate in.

What happens to my personal information? 
All personal information will be held by Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your information will only be used to contact you about consultations and services. Any published survey results will be fully anonymised.

How long can I take part in the panel? 
Your involvement can run for as long as you wish to receive surveys and take part in consultations. If you have not taken part in any consultation activity a year we will remove your personal information from our database.

What happens to my personal information when I leave the panel? 
We will remove all of your personal data from our People’s Panel system and you will not be contacted to participate further. If you decide to re-join the panel simply contact us.

Why should I take part? 
This is a really great opportunity to have your say and help shape public services in your city. The way a panel is run also means you will have follow up questions depending on the way you have answered previous surveys, we can focus on the issues that matter to individuals. Over time there will also be opportunities for panellists to help decide the topics of research.

How will I find out the results of consultations I have participated in? 
We will contact each People’s Panel member who took part with a summary of the results. A summary will also be published on the People’s Panel website.

As a member of the People’s Panel can I take part in other surveys/consultations? 
Involvement in these panel activities does not commit participants exclusively to the panel, they can take part in any consultation opportunities available to the public. Although many of the consultations we run will run in parallel with the public and the People’s Panel.

Do I get paid? 
Not directly but you will be entered into prize draws for completing surveys and there will be a yearly prize draw for those who have filled in the most bi-weekly polls. If you do attend an interview, focus group or workshop you will receive a voucher or something similar to thank you for your time.

Can I join if I live near Southampton but not in the city boundaries?
Yes, although there will be some surveys and groups which are specifically for residents of the city. There will be fewer activities for you but there are plenty of areas you can get involved in.

When will the first poll or survey be?
We are having a big recruitment drive from late November to mid-January, polls and surveys will start by February. There is not a time limit on signing up to take part.

If you need any more help on this please email