Minor Eye Conditions Service

A health professional looking in a patient's eye The Minor Eye Conditions Service is now available in a number of opticians across Southampton. This means that if you have an eye problem that isn’t an emergency, such as sore eyes, red eyes or visual disturbance, you may be able to visit a local optician for assessment and treatment with the Minor Eye Conditions Service. 

Who is eligible for the service and how does it work?

You must be registered with a Southampton GP practice to access the service. It is available from a number of opticians in the Southampton area. Please phone the opticians beforehand to arrange an appointment.

Which conditions can the service help with?

The Minor Eye Conditions Service can provide advice and treatment for the following conditions:

  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes (e.g. blepharitis)
  • Red eye / eyelids
  • Minor foreign body removal
  • Recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
  • Checking the eye for a lost contact lens (although you should try to see your own optician first)
  • Removal of in-growing eyelashes (trichiasis)
  • Lumps & bumps affecting your eyelids
  • Flashes/floaters

Find out more about the service.

If you have any of the following conditions, please contact the Eye Emergency Department at Southampton General Hospital:

  • Injury - trauma or chemical splash to the eye(s): - for chemical splashes rinse your eye immediately with water for 10-15minutes
  • Extensive and painful eyelid swelling, especially if feeling unwell
  • Double vision
  • Concerns and you have had eye surgery in the past two weeks
  • Sudden red or painful eye (worse over past two days)
  • Sudden loss of vision or change in vision (in the past week)  

If you are not sure if your eye condition is an emergency call the Eye Emergency Department on 023 8120 6592 for advice or for an appointment. Depending upon your symptoms you may be given advice, told that you can use the Minor Eye Conditions Service, or you will be booked to attend the Eye Emergency Department.

Advice for treating minor eye conditions at home or with the support of a pharmacist is also available on our website.