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Split up with smoking this Stoptober

An image from Southampton City Council and Public Health England of a pair of hands tearing up a cigarette, with the title 'Give Quitting A Go This Stoptober' and a link to the Stoptober website.

Are you ready to end your relationship with smoking? With the right support you will be. Stoptober, the 28-day stop smoking campaign from Public Health England (PHE), is back with a range of support to help you quit.

Visit the Stoptober website where you can download the app, get a free personalised quit plan and learn more about how Stoptober can support you, a family member or a friend on the journey to quit smoking.

Here in the city support to stop smoking is also available from local pharmacies. Find out more about support here in Southampton at www.southampton.gov.uk/stopsmoking.