Our vision, mission and values

GP checking a patient's blood pressureOver several years, organisations in Southampton have been building strong partnerships to improve services, outcomes and experience for the people of Southampton. We are committed to continuing our ‘one city’ place-based approach; working together to improve health and care outcomes for the population of Southampton that we serve. We have a shared vision, a case for change that we all endorse and put together this health and care strategy to deliver improvement.  The strategy, currently in draft form and being updated in light of the COVID-19 emergency, is based on making continuous improvement over a number of years to meet our shared vision, ‘a healthy Southampton where everyone thrives’.

  1. Our vision - A Healthy Southampton for all

    Our vision statement means:

    • Healthy: strong and resilient communities that are supported to maximise their potential to live fulfilling and prosperous lives; underpinned by strong, healthy organisations working together in a climate of trust and open, business-like healthy relationships
    • Southampton: our city’s future is our purpose, firmly shared with our partners
    • For all: we are determined to tackle the unacceptable inequalities in health and wellbeing.
  2. Our mission

    To ensure that care is coordinated, safe, sustainable and designed to meet the needs of the people of Southampton.

    This summarises what we are doing, right now, to deliver our vision.

    We are taking responsibility for providing leadership and co-ordination of the city’s health and care system. In practical terms, our mission demonstrates that we are setting priorities and allocating resources to make sure the local health and care system works together in a coordinated, safe and effective way.

    Through our Better Care Southampton programme and our work on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) , we are commissioning care that is ‘joined up’, putting our ambitions into action and ensuring that care works much more effectively for patients and service users.

  3. Our values

    Our values reinforce our vision, drive our behaviour and determine what we do and the way we go about it.

    • Patients first
    • Respect, support and encourage each other
    • Acting with integrity
    • Relentless about the quality of care
    • Be courageous
  4. Bringing it all together – our five goals

    Following in-depth work with our partners and stakeholders, we have established five goals to support the delivery of our vision and mission and provide focus on the key health and care challenges facing our city.

    Our five goals are to:

    1. Make care safer: We will commission care from safe competent providers. We will listen to local people, gather their feedback on their experiences of local services and act upon it.
    2. Make it fairer: We will reduce the inequalities in access to care across our population and work towards a fairer city.
    3. Improve productivity (improving outcomes for the money we spend): We will prepare the ground for a transformation in care, doing all we can to bring control to the healthcare system.
    4. Shift the balance: We will integrate health and care services to ensure a better, more streamlined experience for local people. Together with patients, communities and partners we will work to coordinate care through the Better Care Southampton programme.
    5. Delivering sustainable finances: We will plan strategically for sustainable finances ensuring that we are driven by quality whilst being pragmatic about our resources.
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