Selecting care providers

A patient in bed on a hospital ward with a nurse taking blood pressureOur main responsibility is to plan and buy (commission) health services for the population of Southampton.

Part of our job is drawing up Service Specifications setting out what we want from a service and seeking high quality care providers. We then run a procurement or tendering process inviting service providers to submit bids that meet the specification we have set out.

On occasion a contract might be awarded or extended without competition; in such cases this decision is made in a public meeting and the CCG Board must satisfy itself that this is within the procurement regulations rules.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), like all public bodies, are required to ensure they receive value for taxpayers’ money in all they do. We follow the legal regulations around procurement (section 75 of the NHS Health and Social Care Act 2012) along with guidance provided by Monitor - the health system regulator.

The Procurement Process:

  • All competitive procurement processes initiated by the CCG are overseen by NHS South of England Procurement Service (an NHS procurement service who we pay to support us to ensure all the regulations are followed) in order to ensure that they are open, fair, transparent and comply with legislation.
  • All bids are evaluated using a scoring process designed by the CCG in partnership with NHS South of England Procurement Service. Evaluation models are tailored to the individual goods or services that are the subject of the procurement and will vary depending on areas such as clinical need, value, complexity and risk.
  • Local GPs and other clinicians, along with representatives of patient groups, are involved in the selection process and help to score bids against various criteria covering things like service quality, patient safety, accessibility, value for money etc.
  • The bidder who has the highest overall value for money score - i.e the most economically advantageous, is selected.
  • Following the selection of a preferred bidder a contract is drawn up which specifies how the service should be run and details the costs involved.
  • The CCG remains accountable for all decisions made.

For more information on current procurements see the latest Managing Directors report within our Governing Body papers. Any new procurements or contracts awarded are included in the Governing Body papers.