Statement about our Equity and Choice Policy

The NHS Southampton City CCG  NHS Continuing Healthcare Choice and Equity Policy supports the planning and funding of care for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) clients in Southampton.

The CHC team has developed this policy in light of the need to balance personal choice alongside safety and effective use of finite resources. It is also necessary to have a policy which supports consistent and equitable decisions about the provision of care regardless of the person’s age, condition or disability. These decisions need to provide transparency and fairness in the allocation of resources.

Application of this policy will ensure that decisions about care will:

  • be robust, fair, consistent and transparent
  • be based on the objective assessment of the person’s clinical need, safety and best interests
  • have regard for the safety and appropriateness of care to the individual and staff involved in the delivery
  • involve the person and their family/representative wherever possible
  • support choice to the greatest extent possible in view of the above factors.

In addition to a person's assessed needs, the CCG may have to take into account its own resources when deciding upon which package of care to commission.

Furthermore, we support people’s right to live independently and take our obligations and duties towards this very seriously.

The policy was developed through a range of organisational processes which included the involvement of clinicians and independent Governing Body members as well as discussions with a number of peer organisations. It is currently undergoing a routine review which will be completed within the coming months and will involve local service user groups. We would like to thank members of the public for their feedback and confirm that their comments will be used as part of the policy review process.

If you have any further comments on our Equity and Choice Policy please email