The way you order your repeat prescriptions is changing: understanding what this could mean for you

What are repeat prescriptions?Medicine at a pharmacy

A repeat prescription allows you to get your regular medicines without having to see your doctor each time.

Some people currently order their repeat prescriptions themselves from their GP Practice, whilst others choose to use a pharmacy to order their repeat medications on their behalf.

What is changing?

In Southampton, starting in 2020, pharmacies will no longer be able to order your prescriptions on your behalf.

Repeat prescriptions will need to be ordered directly from your GP Practice.

How can I order my repeat prescription?

What is not changing?

If your prescription is sent electronically from your GP Practice to your pharmacy, this will not change. Please let your GP Practice or pharmacy know if you would like them to do this.

Why is this happening?

  • To put the patient in control of their medication use
  • To reduce waste

When is this happening?

This will be rolled out in all GP Practices and pharmacies in Southampton during 2020.

When to order

  • You will need to allow one full week from when you order your prescription at the GP Practice to when your medication is ready at the pharmacy
  • Only order the medication that you need
  • Please do not order your medication if you have more than 14 days remaining. Please let your practice know if you’re going on holiday

What should I do if I am unable to order my medicines, need more support or worried about someone else?

Special arrangements will be made for patients who may not be able to order their own prescriptions directly from their GP Practice.

If you are worried that you or someone you know won’t be able to manage with this change please speak to your GP Practice.

You may like to try Repeat Dispensing

If you are on regular medications you may like to try repeat dispensing. This is where up to 12 months of prescriptions are issued by your GP and sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy in 1 to 2 monthly intervals without the need to reorder. Ask if you can take part at your next routine GP or nurse appointment.

What else is changing?

Soon in Southampton all NHS prescriptions will be going electronic. This means when you are issued a prescription from your GP, you may no longer receive a paper prescription. Prescriptions will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy.

We recommend you nominate a pharmacy now. You can change your nomination any time.  Please speak to your Pharmacy or GP Practice for more details.

If you would like to provide feedback directly to the CCG on this change, please contact Southampton City CCG Patient Experience Service (PES) by emailing or phoning 02380 296066.