Better Care Southampton - what’s in it for me as an older person?

Older gentleman making a cup of tea Through Better Care Southampton, we want to support you to manage your health and wellbeing.

What will be different for me?

We intend to:

  • improve your ability to stay independent
  • offer you greater control of the ways in which you are cared for
  • improve the availability of services to ensure they can be accessed at a time and place that is convenient for you
  • improve your quality of life by caring for you as an individual and not as a series of illnesses
  • develop a strong and resilient community that supports local people to live better lives

Find out more about the support now available and the improvements we’ve made so far below.

Preventing falls

We know that in the city there are a lot of people who are admitted to hospital after having a fall. Therefore, in conjunction with Age UK and the Saints Foundation, we’ve set up falls prevention exercise classes in Shirley and Thornhill for people who have fallen or are at high risk of falling. If you know someone who could benefit from attending these classes you can get more information by contacting Age UK Southampton.

Visit or call 023 8036 8636.

Over the coming year we hope to expand these classes to cover more areas of the city and will be letting people know when more classes are available. There are lots of other groups and organisations running falls prevention activities including the Falls Clinic, Tai Chi classes and chair exercise classes. For information on how to access these classes see the Southampton Information Directory (more information below).

Discharge from hospital

You’ve told us that the process of being discharged from hospital needs to improve. Many people want to recover from illness in their own home and it’s been proven that this can help people recover more quickly.

Over the last two years we’ve been working to make sure that all the different people who are involved in discharging you from hospital talk to each other. This includes the various teams at the hospital, as well as your GP, transport services, community support services and your family and support network.

We want you to be involved in planning how you are discharged to ensure you are given the right care, in the right place at the right time for you.

We’re already making progress and last year we saw a large number of people whose discharges were delayed reduce. But we want to do even better and we will continue to work with people across the city to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Helping you find services to support you 

Want to find support for your day to day life such as exercise classes to strengthen your muscles, a coffee morning so that you can go out and have a chat, or some advice on housing? Then the Southampton Information Directory is a great place to go. This directory currently holds details on a wide range of groups, clubs and organisations and we are constantly working to add more.

In addition, we have a service available to help people find the right support to meet their needs. The people that run this service are called Community Navigators and are currently in place in Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, Weston, Woolston, Peartree and Sholing. Plans are underway to implement this role across the whole of the city, these will be complete by April 2018.

These community navigators work closely with a wide range of professionals from health and social care such as GPs, social workers, mental health professionals and support people. They help to reduce loneliness and improve people’s health and wellbeing by linking them with a wide range of community resources available through faith and voluntary groups.

To access your local community navigator contact Spectrum Centre for Independent Living:

Tel: 023 8020 2930 or visit the website

Community Wellbeing

Are you, or is someone you know, beginning to have problems related to staying well?

We have specialist nurses who can offer health checks such as measuring your blood pressure, check if you are at risk of a fall or help if you are feeling lonely and produce a plan to improve your quality of life.

They can also signpost you to services such as the Hampshire Fire service who can perform home safety checks, the Environment Agency who can provide advice on accessing support for fuel poverty and many more.

Our aim is that everyone who is not already getting to support to manage their health and stay well have help from this service. If you think you, or someone you know, may benefit please contact your GP practice.

Need care, on the housing tenancy list and want to live independently? 

We have recently developed a scheme which allows people to receive ongoing care without the need to move into a residential or nursing home. ‘Extra Care’ was developed to allow people to keep their independence whilst benefiting from onsite support.

Erskine Court is a brand new ‘housing with care’ complex located in Lordshill Southampton.

If you or a loved one could benefit from this type of housing please contact the Housing Team at the Council on