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When CCGs were established in 2013 the aim was to embed clinical expertise into commissioning health services. As such, our organisational and governance structures have been designed to ensure that we are a clinically-led organisation with family doctors and other medical leads at the heart of our decision making.

The main way of achieving this is through our Governing Body, which includes six local GPs, a secondary care doctor, two lay members, the Director of Public Health, our Chief Executive Officer and three Executive Directors (one of whom is the Chief Nurse). There are also representatives from Healthwatch Southampton and Southampton City Council.

Our Governing Body meetings are held in public and local people are welcome to attend.

  1. Dr Mark Kelsey - GP Board Member and Deputy Chair

    Dr Mark Kelsey - Clinical Chair

    Dr Mark Kelsey became Clinical Chair of the Governing Body in January 2018, having been a member of the Governing Body since the formation of the CCG in 2013. Mark trained in Southampton and has been a GP in the city since 2005. He is our GP Board lead for digital technology and the Better Care Programme

    Mark is also Clinical Lead for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight digital Transformation programme, and the Wessex Care Records programme.

  2. Dr Pritti Aggarwal

    Dr Pritti Aggarwal - GP Board Member

    Dr Pritti Aggarwal joined our Governing Body in April 2017 and is our lead for Engagement for Primary Care which includes TARGET. Target stands for Time for Audit, Research, Governance, Education and Training – it gives GPs and practice nurses an essential opportunity to meet every two months to update their skills, learn about new treatments and share good practice.

    Pritti trained in Cardiff and previously worked as a surgeon, she started working as a GP in Southampton in 2005. She is currently a partner at the Living Well partnership. Pritti’s main role is with the University of Southampton as a module lead for primary medical care for students and lead for faculty development for primary medical care, as well as the diversity theme lead.

    Pritti has worked with the CCG since 2013, supporting our System Delivery Team to make changes to services that support and diagnose people with Deep Vein Thrombosis and work to provide GPs improved access to CT KUB and cystoscopy (scans of the kidneys, ureters and bladder) amongst other changes. She has been bringing together GPs and consultants through the GP consultant liaison in Southampton in promoting greater understanding of the challenges they both face. This work has been picked up nationally by NHS England.

  3. Dr Sarah Young - GP Board Member

    Dr Sarah Young - GP Board Member

    Dr Sarah Young started working with the CCG safeguarding team in March 2017 as Named GP for Safeguarding Adults and in September 2018 she added the role of Designated Doctor for Looked after Children. Sarah joined our Governing Body in February 2018 and is our GP lead for cancer care and is also leading on the roll out of Lung Health Checks.

    Sarah trained at the University of Southampton and qualified in 2004. She worked within general medicine and oncology specialities before becoming a freelance GP. After working across practices in the city and as a lead for the out of hours service she has now settled as the lead GP at Chessel Practice and Bath Lodge.

  4. Dr Chris Sanford - GP Board Member

    Dr Chris Sanford has been working with the CCG as a Clinical Lead since 2017. He joined our Governing Body in April 2018 and is our GP Board lead for primary care.

    Chris has been a GP partner at The Living Well Partnership in Southampton since 2016. He graduated from Guy’s & St Thomas’ Medical School and has over twenty years of experience in the voluntary sector including five years as a Chief Executive.

  5. Dr Shiba Qamar - GP Board Member

    Dr Shiba Qamar joined our Governing Body in April 2019 and has been a Clinical Lead with the CCG since 2015.

    Shiba qualified in India and trained as a Paediatrician before she moved to GP training. She has been a GP for 12 years, training in Yorkshire and Liverpool, then working as a GP in Hertfordshire and Worcestershire before moving to Southampton in 2012. 

    Currently Shiba works as a Sessional GP in Southampton. She was a GP Partner at Bath Lodge GP Practice until September 2016 and, until February 2019, she worked at a drop-in Sexual health clinic for teenagers in Hedge End.

    Shiba is very passionate about improving health outcomes in Southampton and, in her role as a Clinical Lead with the CCG, she has been involved in Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and most recently Diabetes. Shiba was involved in setting up a Dietician-led Community IBS Service in the city, a Women's Physiotherapist for uterine prolapse and moving pessary management from secondary care into primary care. She has also helped to increase support for GPs and Diabetes patients, by introducing the WISDOM Project in Southampton. The project enables GPs to closely monitor Type 2 Diabetics to improve their outcomes.

    In her spare time Shiba likes to play badminton and swim. 

  6. Dr Hana Burgess - GP Board Member

    Dr Hana Burgess has worked at the CCG as a Clinical Lead for adult mental health since 2017. She has worked on the development of the Crisis Lounge and improving physical health care for people with serious mental illness. Hana will be continuing her work in mental health as well as taking on her role on the Governing Body from April 2019. She is also our Board member for Prescribing.

    Hana trained in Southampton and qualified in 2006.  She has a background in primary care research, having worked as an academic clinical fellow at the University of Southampton until 2013. She undertook further postgraduate studies in evidence based practice and primary health care. She has been a partner at Shirley Health Partnership since 2013.

  7. Dr Mark Sopher - Secondary Care Board Doctor

    Dr Mark Sopher - Secondary Care Board Doctor

    Dr Mark Sopher joined the Governing Body in March 2019 as our Secondary Care Board Doctor. Mark is a cardiologist. Following training in London, Mark moved in 2005 to set up a new cardiology unit at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where he is now the clinical lead of the medical care group. He has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics in healthcare economics and management and was previously the secondary care board doctor to the Isle of Wight CCG. He lives near Lymington and is a governor of a local school.

  8. Debbie Chase - Interim Director of Public Health, Southampton City Council

    Debbie Chase - Interim Director of Public Health, Southampton City Council

    Debbie Chase has worked as a Consultant in Public Health at Southampton City Council for six years and she joined our Governing Body in November 2019. Her background is in academic public health, having undertaken a PhD in public health research at University of Southampton and several research roles. Her specialist areas of interest are children and young peoples’ health and wellbeing, sustainable development and getting evidence into practice.

  9. Henry Slater - Lay Member (Governance)

    Henry Slater - Lay Member (Governance)

    Henry Slater joined our Governing Body as Lay Member (Governance) in January 2019, having previously served as an Associate Lay Member. He chairs the Finance and Audit Committee and is a member of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee and the Remuneration Committee. He succeeds June Bridle as the CCG’s Conflicts of Interest Guardian.

    Henry brings to the Board several years experience of non-executive roles in the NHS, having been a member of the Board of Southampton City Primary Care Trust; and the Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Cluster. He continues to chair Performers’ List Decision Panels for NHS England.

    His professional background is in education, academia, local government, and university administration.

    Henry lives in the City, and has served on the Boards of Richard Taunton Sixth Form College and Hampshire Autistic Society.

  10. Matt Stevens – Lay Member (Patient and Public Involvement)

    Matt Stevens – Lay Member (Patient and Public Involvement)

    Matt Stevens is a teacher by profession but has also run several entertainment businesses in the city. However it is his experience as a local politician with special interest in Health and Education, that started him on the path that lead to his appointment as a Lay Member for NHS Southampton CCG.

    Matt’s local government experience as a Southampton City Councillor (Peartree and Bitterne wards), as a Cabinet member for Health and Social Care and as Scrutiny Chair for Health allowed him to develop an interest and experience in health issues. Matt retired from the council in 2015 after first being elected in 1995. The local government expertise is applied to his roles on the Governing Body and Finance and Audit Committee and as chair of the Primary Medical Care Commissioning Committee.

    An interest in public health and health prevention was also evident from his role of Chair of Trustees of the Charlotte Jackson Trust (Ribbons Center), an HIV support charity in the city. Matt has also served on variety of governing bodies in the city: Solent University, Southampton Voluntary Services, Thornhill Plus, Cantell School, Southampton Partnership, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and the Health Wellbeing Board.

  11. Maggie MacIsaac - Chief Executive, NHS Southampton City CCG

    Maggie MacIsaac became Chief Executive of Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group in June 2019. She is also the Chief Executive of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of CCGs.

    Maggie MacIsaac joined the NHS as a graduate nurse. Since completing the NHS national management training scheme, Maggie has worked in many sectors of the NHS – locally, regionally and nationally - acquiring considerable experience in the value of strong partnerships. During her career she has served for many years in Director and Chief Executive roles.

    She is passionate about working with partners on new ways of delivering change to positively transform healthcare and experiences for patients and the wider community.

  12. Roshan Patel, Chief Finance Officer, NHS Southampton City CCG

    Roshan Patel, Chief Finance Officer, NHS Southampton City CCG

    Roshan has spent his career in NHS finance and brings a wealth of experience from across both providers and commissioners. Roshan joined us as Chief Finance Officer in January 2021 as well as being appointed as the Chief Finance Officer for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System. He was previously the Interim Chief Operating Officer for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of CCGs and before that the Partnership’s Director of Finance. Roshan’s combined experience of finance performance and delivery will be crucial to ensuring we get the best possible value for our people and communities.

  13. Stephanie Ramsey - Director of Quality and Integration (Chief Quality Officer and Chief Nurse), NHS Southampton City CCG

    Stephanie Ramsey has been Director of Quality and Integration and Chief Nurse since the CCG was established. Her post is a joint appointment with Southampton City Council.

    Stephanie leads on strategic development and system redesign across areas that benefit from integrated commissioning. This includes leadership of the Integrated Commissioning Unit (ICU) which is a joint commissioning team comprising CCG and Council staff (established October 2013).

    Stephanie is also our chief nurse and provides corporate leadership for key programmes of work including corporate and clinical governance, quality and safety, medicines management, continuing healthcare, safeguarding, patient experience and patient/public engagement. She is a nurse, midwife and health visitor and has graduate and postgraduate degrees in health psychology and management. Stephanie has several years’ experience in leadership roles for a range of NHS community care providers and has worked on secondment in the voluntary sector.

  14. Peter Horne - CCG Director of System Delivery

    Peter Horne - Director of System Delivery, NHS Southampton City CCG

    Peter Horne spent 18 years in the Army as an infantry officer where his appointments covered a broad spectrum from combat operations and personnel policy to strategic procurement and training and development.

    He moved to the NHS in 2005, initially as a divisional operations director within London Ambulance Service. Following this, he spent time within the regional tier of the NHS with responsibility for the management of performance, before taking up a post within local commissioning organisations in Hampshire.

    Peter now leads the Systems Delivery Directorate and is responsible for commissioning acute services for adults in both elective and urgent care; long term conditions pathways; Primary care; Strategic Estates planning; EPRR and OD.

  15. Lesley Gilder - Healthwatch Southampton

    Lesley Gilder - Healthwatch Southampton

    Lesley Gilder is a representative of Healthwatch Southampton (HWS), the local body representing the patient voice. Having representation from Healthwatch on the Governing Body is vital to bringing the patient voice and a city-wide perspective to influence decision-making.

    Lesley is the lead link between HWS and the CCG Governing Body. She is also a member of the CCG Clinical Governance Committee. Lesley has a background in representing patients and was a member of Southampton LINk, HWS's predecessor organisation.

    Over the last two years she has been engaged in a variety of projects related to health and social care and has undertaken Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) for Solent NHS Trust and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and taken part in the Clinical Assessment Scheme for the Hospital Trust. Lesley has also contributed to both clinical quality review meetings and to the review of a local GP practice.

    Lesley's professional career has spanned both management and research most recently as a senior manager in the Library and Information Service at Southampton University and previously as a researcher in a nationally funded Library Management Research Unit. Lesley is also President and Chair of Solent Credit Union.

    For more information about Healthwatch Southampton visit their website  www.healthwatchsouthampton.co.uk

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